Fashion as Art: An outfit inspired by Picasso

Does art inspire fashion . . . or does fashion inspire art? We think it’s both! In this Fashion as Art blog series, we’re looking to some of the most well-known classic paintings to inspire fresh, new outfit ideas!

Today’ source of art inspiration: Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

We chose Guernica because it is probably Picasso’s most famous work. This painting is certainly conflicted, showing the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals. Although the subject matter is political and dark, the painting is thought provoking and magnificent.


Guernica by Pablo Picasso


fashion as art, picasso

Both the painting and the dress combine black and white shapes and shades, playing with the idea of light and dark. This outfit and painting both discard color to intensify the drama: Greys, whites and blacks offer sophisticated and noticeable contrast!  Like the painting, our outfit is monochromatic and layers contrasting shapes and different tones to achieve depth, interest and dimension.

No matter if art inspires fashion, or it’s the other way around . . . we think fashion is wearable art. So stop into beyourself boutique and create your own work of wearable art!